Southern Maryland Home Improvement Facts, Fun and News


Home Additions

Southern Maryland Home additions: Up or out? Homeowners in Southern MD need to consider whether to build up or out when they add on to homes. Homeowners hoping to expand their homes are faced with a number of choices. One…

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attic insulation services in Southern md

Home Improvements Consumer Tips

Kick off home improvement season in Southern MD with easy maintenance projects (MS) – By Scott McGillivray As the days get longer and the weather improves, this is the time to make sure that our homes or rental properties are…

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Soundproof your Southern MD home

Successful Basement Remodeling

How to ensure a successful basement remodel Southern Maryland residents continue to fuel remodeling spending, driven by upward growth in real estate prices and the rising cost to trade up to a larger home. Basement renovations are expected to be…

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basement remodeler charles county md

Remodeler in Charles County MD

Are you looking a remodeler in Charles County MD that knows about basement remodeling? How to ensure a successful basement remodel Finishing a basement can give you the extra living space you’re looking for without moving.  For some a finshed…

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Home Improvement Company Southern Maryland

Home improvement company in Southern Maryland can help you…Make the Home You Have the Home of Your Dreams Boston Construction in Southern Maryland offers a complete line of home remodeling services, inside and out, so you can enjoy all the…

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new home framing by boston construction

What is LEED?

New Homes Construction:  What is LEED? Embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle is more than just recycling cans and newspapers or campaigning for endangered species. Smart environmental living also extends to our homes and offices. In recognition of that, the Leadership in…

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winterize-your-home in Southern MD

4 simple ways to winterize your home

4 simple ways to winterize your home in Southern Maryland Trimming hanging branches and removing debris from their yards is one simple way homeowners can prepare their properties for winter. As winter approaches, homeowners know they must do certain things…

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Hardwood Floors available in Charles County MD, flooring and tile installers

Get the 411 on flooring

Get the 411 on flooring in Southern MD Hardwood flooring is a popular and traditional choice for homeowners replacing their existing floors. Choosing the right flooring for a home is no small task. Flooring is expensive, so homeowners want to…

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Renovating an historic home

Historic-home renovations require additional planning and a bigger budget than newer homes in Southern Maryland. Living in an historic home can be a labor of love. The history and the distinct architecture of historic homes draw buyers to such properties,…

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attic insulation services in Southern md

5 signs your home insulation is not working

Brought to you by a Southern MD Builder:  Boston Construction Company / Charles County MD…  Some insulations can lose performance over time, sustain damage or simply no longer meet updated building codes. It’s an issue that can be costly, because if your…

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