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Building a Deck in St. Mary’s County

Things to know before building a deck or other structures.

southern maryland deck contractorStatistics from the U.S. Census Bureau Housing Survey indicate that homeowners annually spend billions of dollars improving outdoor living areas.

One of the most popular ways to do just that is to add a deck to a home. Decks are beneficial in many ways. Grillmasters love decks because they make the perfect place to set up a grill and a table and cook for family and friends. Those who simply love being outdoors find decks the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun or idle away the evening hours.

But homeowners who want to build a deck should know a few things before that process begins.

* Permits are necessary. Unless the deck is going to be especially small, you will likely need a permit to build it. Before buying any materials or consulting any contractors, make certain you know which permits you need and how to get them. If the proper permits are not secured before the project begins, you might have to tear down the whole project and start all over again.

* Decks don’t have to go on the back of the house. If the back of your house sits in the blazing sun all day, then it’s probably best to build the deck elsewhere, and that’s perfectly alright. So long as the property and permits allow, decks can be built on the side of a home as well, and putting a deck on the side might be more comfortable.

* Decks don’t have to be made of wood. It’s easy to assume all decks are made of plain wood. However, decks can be made out of a wide variety of materials, natural or synthetic. Pressure treated wood is perhaps the most popular material for decking because it’s not very expensive. But manmade materials that are a mixture of recycled plastic and wood bits or sawdust are also popular because they require no maintenance. But homeowners should know that manmade materials can get hot in the sun, which will require those enjoying the deck to wear shoes.

* The deck can have multiple levels. Though many people associate decks with one level, it’s possible to have a multi-level deck if you simply don’t have enough room to build a deck that will be big enough to meet all of your needs. A multi-level deck can break up those long flights of stairs while ensuring you will always have somewhere to go to escape the sun on a hot day.

* You will want to protect the deck. Decks are a costly investment, and you will want to protect that investment. If you’re building a wood deck, keep in mind the sun will beat down on the deck for most of the year. You can protect the deck by painting it. Paint provides sunscreen for the deck, stopping the sun from breaking down the material. Once you’ve finished painting, apply sealant, whether it’s oil- or water-based.
A deck makes a great addition to many homes, but homeowners should learn as much as possible about decks and what goes into building them before making any decking decisions.

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Mini Mudrooms Keep Weather Messes At Bay

remodel mudroomMudroom Remodeling by a local home improvement company.


Contending with snow and ice in St. Mary’s County Maryland can be hassle enough without also facing slushy and wet messes indoors. After spending time outdoors in wintry weather in Southern Maryland, people inevitably track in sand and debris from the outside. Not only can this leave floors unsightly but it also creates a slipping hazard.
Men and women who live in St. Mary’s County know how invaluable a mudroom can be. When snow, mud, rain, and even summer sand gets lodged in footwear and gear, a mudroom is the perfect place to keep it from spreading throughout the rest of the house. Unfortunately, not every homeowner or renter has the space available for an entire room devoted to sloppy boots and wet mittens. However, a mini-mudroom can be created even in a small alcove.

Boston Construction can help you a small mudroom. Equipped with just the essentials, this space will not lack in form or function.

To get started, think about what is housed within a mudroom. You are sure to find a few key elements:
* a bench for putting on and taking off shoes
* hooks for coats, scarves and hats
* trays for wet boots and shoes
* cubbies or baskets for miscellaneous gear
* a basket for pet leashes or keys
* a rack for wet umbrellas
* shelves to store dry towels to dry off pets or people

Keep in mind that while mudroom items are primarily meant to be functional, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish, too. Coordinate fabric patterns or wood colors with the decor in the rest of your house. If and when you cannot find pieces that fit the dimensions of the space you have, Boston Construction LLC can help you think outside the box and build them for you..